Hayden Island provides a “natural laboratory” to study solutions to cat overpopulation because it has strict geographic boundaries — the banks of the Columbia River — and is home to hundreds of feral cats. For this project, we are using innovative methods to humanely reduce the island’s feral cat population.


Counting Cats

Volunteers are conducting physical counts of free-roaming cats to determine how many live on Hayden Island as well as conducting public surveys to estimate the number of pet cats and attitudes about outdoor cats. Learn more about the cat counts.

Increase TNR

After establishing the initial baseline population estimate (completed in fall 2014), Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts will be increased in cooperation with island residents. We will continue survey counts to track changes in cat population size.


Support Cat Care

We will work with the Hayden Island community to assist in the management and care of free-roaming cats. Efforts will include partnering with feral cat caregivers and residents to monitor cats, offering spay/neuter specials for local cats, finding homes for socialized feral cats, and increasing general awareness of this issue.


View the 2015 Hayden Island Cat Project report for a summary of initial findings.

Get Involved

If you want to volunteer for this project or would like more information, contact either:

Joe Liebezeit, Audubon Society of Portland
971-222-6121 or jliebezeit@audubonportland.org

Karen Kraus, Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
503-797-2606 or info@feralcats.com