Hayden Island offers a unique opportunity to study humane solutions to cat overpopulation.

With strict geographical boundaries of the Columbia River banks and home to hundreds of feral/stray and abandoned cats, Hayden Island provides a natural opportunity to scientifically investigate and apply innovative methods to humanely reduce the island’s feral cat population.


Get Involved

Volunteers conduct physical counts of free-roaming cats to determine how many live on Hayden Island. We wrapped up our 4th annual cat count in September 2018. Stay tuned for 2019 dates and volunteer opportunities. Want to join us? Email Joe Liebezeit.

Increase TNR

After establishing the initial baseline population estimate in fall 2014, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) efforts have been increased in cooperation with island residents. We're here to help! You can help, too. Spread the word with the information below.

Support Cat Care

We work with the Hayden Island community to assist in the management and care of free-roaming cats. Efforts include offering spay/neuter specials for local cats, partnering with feral cat caregivers and residents to monitor cats, finding homes for socialized feral cats, and increasing awareness of cat, bird, wildlife and habitat welfare.

Reports + Brochures + Flyers

Help more cats and wildlife! Spread the word about ways to help. Click on the link then print and share.

Hayden Island Special | Free spay/neuter Flyer

2018 Mews Update

2017 Field Sampling Protocol

2015 Hayden Project Results Report