Take the pledge to show your commitment to keeping your Cats Safe at Home: safe from outdoor dangers and to protect wildlife.

When you pledge to keep your pet cat(s) indoors - or in a catio/ outdoor enclosure or on a leash -  we'll send you the decal pictured here so you can let everyone know you keep your Cats Safe at Home! 

To protect my cat(s) and to protect wildlife...

I PLEDGE to keep my pet cat(s) safe at home.
I keep my pet cat(s) indoors, and may provide access to a catio or fully fenced yard or offer walks on a leash.
I am transitioning my cat(s) to being kept safe at home.
I will transition my cat(s) from being indoor/outdoor to being kept safe at home. This might include access to a catio or fully fenced yard or walks on a leash.
I am reducing my cat’s unsupervised time outside.
I'll use strategies such as avoiding peak bird-activity times (morning and evening) and bird-nesting season (spring), and spending more time enjoying outdoor time with my cat (supervised time outside).
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We greatly appreciate you sharing your contact information so we can track the progress of our efforts to protect cats and wildlife. Your contact information will be kept confidential and you will not receive contact from Cat Safe at Home partner organizations unless specified by you.
Tell us how you keep your pet cats(s) safe at home!
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THANK YOU for improving the lives of cats and wildlife in our region.