A catio – or “cat patio” – is an outdoor enclosure that keeps cats and wildlife safe. Catios offer cats healthy exercise time as well as safety from outdoor hazards like cars, predators and poisons. It’s a win-win!

Catios come in many forms. DIY, store bought or custom built, window size to yard size, frugal and fun to fancy with flair! Furnish it creatively with old tree stumps and perches for climbing and scratching. Put your green thumb to work by adding cat-friendly plants. The possibilities are endless!

Need some ideas for your own catio? The digital Portland Catio Tour guidebooks are available for each of the past six year’s tours and an Anniversary version capturing all of the catios from the first five years of our event. Get yours!

More resources can be found on our Catio Construction Resources page,  we're always posting catio ideas and all things cat on Facebook, and be sure to attend our Annual Catio Tour!

The 7th Annual Catio Tour is September 7, 2019.

The 7th Annual Catio Tour is September 7, 2019.

“I’ve had cats for twenty years and I’ve lost at least two to coyotes. I can’t stand it when I see them bring in birds so I figure a catio is a win/win. They can’t get eaten up by coyotes and they can’t kill other little animals. I feel like they are really safe.” ~ Carol

Cat + Patio = Catio!

What some people don’t realize is the positive impact catios can have and how simply they can be made!

The benefits of catios are nearly endless and run the gamut from prevention to enrichment. Let’s start with prevention and welfare. Kitty is vulnerable to many hazards when unsupervised outdoors.

The scary stuff: Disease, traffic, predators and poisons


Cat fights can lead to diseases. These include feline leukemia, feline AIDS, IP (feline infectious peritonitis), feline distemper, and upper respiratory infections. Save yourself the vet bills and ensure your cat's health.


It goes without saying that cars are a great danger in and of themselves. Add in ‘distracted driving’ and the fact that indoor/outdoor cats have an average range of several city blocks and you have an unpredictable, dangerous, and easily preventable mix.

Predators & Poison

Injury or worse can come from fighting with raccoons, hawks, and of course, our flourishing coyote community! Mice & rats are often the target of pest control. Our kitties are likely smart enough to not digest the poisons set in traps in alleyways, however, the poisons are often designed to ensure the rodent brings their fate back to the nest. This is where the danger for our kitties persists.

Let’s get to the good stuff!

Enrichment & Exercise

Fresh air! Nature’s beauty! A kitty hike or, more likely, a catnap in the sun! We relish the opportunity to relax outside and so do our cats. Catios allow for the expansion of an indoor cat’s world to include experiencing the full spectrum of the change of seasons: sights, smells, feels! Kitty will love you forever. For an indoor/outdoor cat or former feral, the catio is a happy middle ground in providing the outdoor living they may desire in a worry free environment.

Birds & Wildlife

More than 40% of the 3,000 animals brought to the Audubon Society of Portland’s Wildlife Care Center receive their wounds from cats and of those wounded, 16% survive. Portland is a natural habitat for a menagerie of rodents & birds – migratory and resident. We have endangered species, threatened species, and a steep decline in general bird population. When a safe outdoor enclosure is provided, you’re doing *so* much more than letting kitty get some fresh air! Not only are you spoiling kitty a little, but you’re providing them with a safer life and doing your part for the welfare of our remarkable local wildlife.

What kind of Cats Would Benefit from a Catio?

Fussy, happy, fat, skinny, skittish, confident, old, young, sassy, funny, spunky, snarky, and lovey (all!)

Any other reasons I should want one?

You’re not convinced yet?

What if I’m not very handy at building things?

There are many online videos demonstrating DIY catios, but if you're the kind of person that doesn't own a hammer there are options! Pre-built, store-bought window units and portable structures are available in stores and online through various outlets. There are several handymen and builders in the Portland area who have been building catios, too!

Catios can be simple or elaborate; inexpensive or extreme.

They have the common goal of keeping a cat safe while allowing outside time, but otherwise come in many different forms. Consider these design ideas then see below for a list of links to resources. We do not recommend any particular style or brand but hope to make it easier to keep Cats Safe at Home™!

  1. Cat-only catios can be fairly inexpensive to build, can be small, and can be built in an otherwise unused space.

  2. Cat and human shared catios can be transformed from an existing patio just by enclosing it with screen or wire or can be a new addition to your home. This option can also provide a great shaded, bug-free setting for people.

  3. Construction can be pre-made kits or fencing, DIY, or built by a hired handyman or contractor.

  4. Catio access can be through a window, door, or wall cut, and either direct or through a tunnel to another location (or add the tunnel just for fun!). You can also carry kitty to a free-standing feature.

  5. Cool features are limited only by space, weather, safety concerns, and creativity! Consider ramps, cat trees, and boulders for climbing; driftwood and posts for scratching; cat-safe plants for shade and catnip for enjoyment; and fountains and perches for relaxation. Don’t forget lounge chairs for humans to relax with their favorite felines!

Catio Construction Resources

A starter kit for your Catio building adventure!

Catios can be simple or elaborate; inexpensive or extreme. They have the common goal of keeping your cat safe while allowing outside time. We’ve gathered a list of resources for you to get started. We do not recommend any particular style or brand but hope to make it easier to keep Cats Safe at Home™!

Scroll through full list below or jump to your topic on this page using these links:

Portland Area Catio Builders

Cat Fencing, Doors, Screening & Wood

Catio DIY and Custom Plans

Premade and Custom Cat Enclosure Kits

Enrichment Ideas for Kitty Fun

Catio Tour Guidebooks, Vision Boards, Videos & Images

Portland Area Catio Builders

When you call these providers, be sure to mention the Portland Catio Tour/Cats Safe at Home!

ConstructionReConstruction: Design for people -- and the cats they love. Extensive experience in building a wide variety of catios throughout the Portland area, *Licensed in Oregon, only*. Proud sponsor of our 7th Annual Portland Catio Tour! Contact: 503-680-3681 send email  |  see sample

Neil Kelly: The experienced, skilled carpenters and tradesfolk at Neil Kelly bring their “get it done” attitudes to make your dream catio a reality. Proud sponsor of our 7th Annual Portland Catio Tour! Contact Jenn Harbick, (503) 335-9222 send email  |  see sample


Casey’s Catios: Contact Casey Jimerson, (971) 295-0996, send email

Cedar Creations: Contact (971) 208-7060, send email

Creative Fences & Decks: Contact: (503) 969-8850, see sample from 2018 Portland Catio Tour

Custom Catios: Contact: Michael Woltersdorf, (503) 819-1592 send emailsee sample

Sundling & Associates: Contact: Justin Sundling, (719) 238-8437 send mesage

Brad Vandehey: Contact (503) 260-5849

Cat Fencing, Doors, Screening & Wood

Mr. Plywood: Locally owned, the Mr. Plywood team has experience helping people build and building their own catios - including the owner! Materials are usually specific to each person’s needs. That's where the expertise of the Mr. Plywood team comes into play. Location: 7609 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215. Call with any specific questions: 503.254.7387 Mr. Plywood is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Portland Catio Tour!

Easy Pet Fence:  The Kitty Corral Cat Fence from EasyPetFence.com is DIY cat fencing available in heights 6 and 7.5’ and offers superior protection against external predators while providing safe, easy outdoor time. We're grateful that EasyPetFence supports our mission! Receive a 10% discount when you use PromoCode: PDXCATIO

Purr...fect Fence: Purrfect Fence has protected nearly 50,000 cats for individuals, vet clinics, rescues, and shelters across the globe (on every continent except Antarctica!) Purrfect Fence offers patented fencing systems, catios, and enclosures to ensure your cat(s) are safe and happy outdoors! We're grateful that PurrfectFence supports our mission. When you use the promo code, you will receive a 5% discount and Purrfect Fence will donate 10% back to our mission. Use PromoCode: CATIOTOUR19 

PetDoors.com: Wide variety of cat-specific doors and flaps for any entry type you can think of: screen, glass, walls, sliding doors - you name it! We're grateful that PetDoors supports our mission through their Flaps for Fido program. With your purchase, when you select Cats Safe at Home you receive a 10% discount, and PetDoors.com will donate 10% to our mission. Use PromoCode: Cats Safe at Home

Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Support the community and shop reclaimed building materials at one of 4 Portland metro locations.

ReBuilding Center: Build the community through reuse and shop reclaimed building materials at the Rebuilding Center.

Catio DIY and Custom Plans

2019 Portland Catio Tour Sponsor

2019 Portland Catio Tour Sponsor

Catio Spaces offers both custom designs and a variety of DIY Catio Plans that take the guesswork out of building a catio for window, deck, patio or garden.  Do-it-yourself plans start at $39.95 and include a materials list, step-by-step instructions and diagrams for a successful project to complement your home and your feline’s fancy. We're grateful that CatioSpaces supports our mission with your purchase. Use PromoCode: PDXCATIOTOUR

My Outdoor Plans: Free step-by-step, totally DIY, catio plans. Includes tools and supply lists.

This Old House: Free DIY guide to create a screened-in window catio space. Includes step by step images, a cut list, tools and supply lists.

DIY Portable Catio: Local handyman, Mike Peroni, created, built, and donated the portable catio you see us with at trade shows and posted on our facebook page! Here are the plans for that catio!

Restore Habitat for Humanity, Portland: The Business Relations Manager at Portland's Restore made a catio out of found materials, then a lucky raffle winner took it home! Check it out!

Premade and Custom Cat Enclosure Kits

Window Catio Creations LLC builds custom window catios with priming/painting to match your house, and generously supports the Cats Safe at Home!

CDE Animal Cages: CDE Animal Cages has been hand making quality catios since 1984. Offering the highest quality in both materials and craftsmanship, they have very happy clients who have enjoyed their catio for 30 years or more. Family owned and operated, they can design, create, install and make all your catio dreams come true. We're grateful that CDE Animal Cages supports our mission with your purchase. Use PromoCode: PDXCATIOTOUR

C&D Pets has various enclosure kits to choose from as well as other indoor enrichment products.

Cats with an Altitude has developed window enclsures, called Kitty Peepers, which come in a few different sizes and can be quickly installed and removed.

Habitat Haven has pre-designed cat enclosure kits, build your own enclosures, and a fancy RV series for kitty life on the road.

Kittywalk enclosures has a variety of lawn, deck and patio designs to choose from.

Kritter Kommunity has ‘kondos’ for kitty with little assembly required.

Enrichment Ideas for Kitty Fun

ROAR offers a hand-picked collection of dynamic cat enrichment and wellness products, plus unique gifts for cat lovers. They are a proud sponsor of the 2019 Catio Tour!

SquareCatHabitat.com has long-lasting and eco-friendly modern cat furniture to accent your modern décor, including trees and perches.

The Cat Whisperer has products to help your cat live a happy and healthy life.

Catio Tour Guidebooks, Vision Boards, Videos & Images

Portland Catio Tour Guidebooks!

Did you miss a year of the Portland Catio Tour? Get your digital copy of any year or get the first 5 year collection. We have all guidebooks available. Every purchase supports our mission in spreading the word out to our community in support of keeping our kitties, birds, and wildlife safe! Thank you for your support!


Catio Guy is a one-stop shop for tips, best practices, and cat enclosure ideas. He’s based in LA, but has great images of his catio creations on his facebook page to help you dream up your own catio no matter where you live! The Catio Guy is a Proud Sponsor of the 2019 Catio Tour!

The Cat Carpenter is a catio-focused handyman based in Austin, TX and shares his work on his website and facebook page. Check it out!

Check out this album of photos and this video from OPB from the 2016 Catio Tour. 

View our Flickr photo album of Portland catios

Create your Catio Vision Board with example catios on Pinterest: here, here and here!



***  Note! We're always researching products, builders, design idea sources and kits to add here. Stay Tuned!  ***