Be a Catio Host!

5th Annual Catio Tour
Saturday, September 9, 2017

We're accepting submissions for the 2017 Tour through June 15

Do your kitties frolic in a catio? We're always looking for the purrfect catios to feature on our Catio Tours! From functional to fancy, all submissions in the Portland metro area are encouraged so please consider being a Catio Host. It's a lot of fun and this one-day effort will directly result in a safer environment for many animals for years to come! The Tour is from 10am - 2pm. We ask all hosts to be present during  the tour to answer guest questions. We will provide volunteers to oversee set-up, guest check-in, and information about our programs and the overall Tour.

Host Registration Form: please complete and then follow instructions after to email photos.

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Don't forget to submit photos! After clicking the submit button, follow the link to email them to Please contact us if you have any questions.