Catio Design Manuals

Catio Kits

  • C&D Pet Products Redwood and galvanized steel wire; starting at $439
  • Cats on Deck PVC pipe and steel mesh panels; starting at $500
  • Habitat Haven Powder-coated galvanized steel posts and mesh; starting at $800
  • Purrfect Fence Fenced enclosures installed free-standing or added to an existing fence; starting at $395
  • SunCATcher Enclosures Powder-coated wrought iron posts and metal mesh; starting at $1,200

Cat Fencing

  • Purrfect Cat Fencing Three styles including free-standing fencing, existing fence conversion system or portable enclosures; starting at $329
  • Cat Fence In Connects to existing fencing, also offer "tree guards"; starting at $70

Temporary or Movable Enclosures

Blogs, Articles & DIY Instructions

Portland Area Catio Builders

We do not specifically endorse these builders.

  • Cedar Creations of Portland
    971-208-7060, send email

  • ConstructionReConstruction
    Jim Petrov, (503) 680-3681,
    send email

  • Custom Catios
    Michael Woltersdorf, 503-819-1592, send email
  • Jobs by Rob, LLC
    Rob Gill, (503) 789-8069, send email

  • Mike Peroni
    503-750-2596, send email

  • Brad Vandehey, General Contractor
    (503) 260-5849


Other Catio Resources: Check out this album of photos and this video from OPB from the 2016 Catio Tour. View our Flickr photo album of Portland catiosSee example catios on Pinterest.